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Here are some interviews with our creative alumni.

Maia KobabeMaia Kobabe

Q: Where do you work?

A: “I work part time at the Dominican library and part time at home as a free-lance illustrator.”

Q: What is your title?

A: “Freelance illustrator but specifically I want to do book illustration.”

Q:When did you go to Dominican?

A: “I came in Fall 2007 and I graduated May 2011.”

Q:Why did you choose Dominican as your education?

A: “Well I have to say I was dazzled right away by the beautiful campus. That was one big thing. I visited during in the middle of winter and all the fruit trees were flowering, the creek was full of water, everything was covered in moss. I was just dripping in beautiful like this magical paradise. That was very attractive to me. There were a lot of other factors too though, l liked the art department. I get to meet some of the teachers before I entered. They were all really nice and they gave me good scholarship. I was also close to home and my best friend was also coming here. So that was some of the deciding factors.”

Q: How did your education inform you as a freelance illustrator?

A: “Oh boy, having professors who also have worked as professional artist was definitely inspiring. Getting to see the professors work and just wanting to strive up to their level. I think what I learn is practice and discipline, how to keep a good sketch book, how to start a series with preliminary sketches and build on your ideas, how to stick with an idea and not give up and how to further develop an idea that you like. Also, you just have to be playful and silly. I guess maybe I learned that more from my fellow students than from my teachers. You should learn from your fellow students too.”

Q: What would you say to a high school student who is interested in looking into Dominican?

Maia Kobabe's Work

A: “You will find some of the best teachers that you can imagine, and not only that, the classes are going to be small enough that every teacher is going to know you personally and they are all going to care about you and want you to succeed. They will do the absolute best for you and many of them will keep looking out for you after you graduate like my advisor Lynn Sondag. We still email back and forth with each other and we still try to help me with opportunities that she discovers, tips about the art world. I think that was the main thing, every single teacher here cared about me so much as an individual and wants me to do well. They want me to stay in touch, it’s something you don’t get at a huge school.”







Taylor Tomlin 2Taylor Tomlin

Q:What do you think of the art department? What has this department done for you?

A:“I think the faculty has been the biggest part for me. First I went to San Jose state for two years, and I was in really big classes. Growing up I was always in really small school and I always had teachers how knew my name. I’ve always got one on one attention until I got to Sonoma state, I had teachers who didn’t know who I was or even knew I was in the class. I was sitting in class with sixty other kids. We didn’t have teacher relationships. So once I got here, I actually had teachers that knew me, and knew what I was working on. They helped me with my projects. So I think that was the biggest change for me was coming here, I got that teacher relationship that I’ve always wanted in a college experience.

Q: What would you say to students who are interested in majoring in art?

A: I think there is a lot of avenues that people don’t really realize is art, like website design. I think people don’t know and they might think its computer or computer science. They don’t realize there is art behind it.  I think a lot of people when they think of art major, they think of painters or drawers, but I think there is a lot more to offer. Graphic designers are not just painters or drawers; they can have cooperate jobs like art directors or magazine designs and etc. I feel like art has a lot to offer and Dominican helps you realize that. With so many classes with different teachers having different specialties you can explore each avenue of art by coming here. 




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