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Course Offerings

Fall 2013 Seminars and Workshops

HUM 5000 Pro Seminar (Tues 6-8 pm, Harlan Stelmach)

A study of key issues raised in contemporary culture about the humanities, the course examines what it means to be a scholar or educated person.  Provides an introduction to research methods, including use of the internet, CD-Roms, and other library resources available for advanced study of the humanities.

HUM 5102 Structures of Faith (Thurs 6-8 pm, Leslie Ross)

Focuses on the concept of “sacred space” as embodied in architectural forms developed to meet the needs of different religions; how and why these buildings look as they do. Explores external forms, interior spatial requirements, arrangements of spaces for participants, and liturgical accoutrements, such as statues, paintings, and stained glass.

HUM 5261-4 Creative Writing Workshop I-IV (Wed 6-8 pm, Carlos Rodriquez)

An advanced writing workshop that invites students to explore their own capacity to surprise, inform, entertain, and provoke readers in one or more genres of creative writing, such as poetry, prose, drama, or screen writing. Special emphasis on using themes and/or researched material to develop well-crafted work that is both artistic and authentic. Through readings, exercises, peer workshops, and conferences with the instructor, a portfolio of revised pieces will be developed.

HUM 5304 Women’s Struggle for Civic Equality (Mon 6-8 pm, Patricia Dougherty)

This course explores the struggle for civic rights from the French Revolution through the Seneca Falls Convention and the 1848 Revolutions to enfranchisement in the twentieth century.  We will look particularly at the reform and suffrage movements in England and the United States. Some of the questions that we consider are: How is citizenship defined? What groups were included or excluded from this definition and for what reasons? Who were the leaders in the suffrage movement? What other civic rights did women fight for? What issues divided the suffrage movement? Was suffrage strictly a political issue? 

HUM 5504 Virtuosity: Moral/Political Character (Mon 6-8 pm, Christian Dean)

What does it mean to be morally and politically virtuous?  Traditionally, moral and political philosophy has been guided by the Platonic assumption that knowledge equals virtue.  But this has never been an entirely satisfying assumption, for history provides numerous examples of very intelligent people doing very bad things. Indeed, in light of this history, modern moral and political philosophy since Machiavelli has rejected the idealism of  Plato’s equation of knowledge with virtue and has instead embraced a more realistic formula that equates knowledge with power.  But what then does it mean to be virtuous?  This seminar will explore a range of responses to that question, paying particular attention to the notion that moral and political virtue ought to be understood as a kind of intellectual and practical expertise, or virtuosity. 

HUM 5601 The Buddhist Tradition (Wed 6-8 pm, Phil Novak)

A rigorous engagement with Buddhism’s central ideas and their major permutations against the background of its long pilgrimage across Asia and into the West.

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