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Laura Stivers, Ph.D.

Director of Graduate Humanities

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Course Offerings

Spring 2015 Seminars and Workshops


HUM 5001 Core Integrative Seminar (Tues 6-8 pm, Judy Halebsky and Phil Novak) 3 units

An historical, philosophical and literary inquiry into the nature of human being, knowing and acting. Our challenge in this seminar is to reflect upon the human capacity for self-discovery and symbolic expression in the pursuit of understanding what it means to be human.

HUM 5206 Postmodern Literature and Beyond (Mon 6-8 pm, Graham Guest) 3 units

What is postmodern literature? How can we identify it? What are its theoretical underpinnings? What are its precursors? How does it relate to modernist literature? What are its historical implications? How does it relate to the future? What will its “descendants” be like? What does it say about us? About who we were, who we are, and where we are going? These are the sorts of questions we will ask in this course. We should be prepared for answers both paradoxical and tragicomic.

HUM 5121 Rome: Romulus to La Dolce Vita (Wed 6-8 pm, Heidi Chretien) 3 units

The eternal City: city of Emperors, Popes, Princes and Dictators. This interdisciplinary class studies the evolution of Rome from its mythic origins to the 20th century surreal visions of Fellini with primary emphasis given to the visual culture.


HUM 5261-4 Creative Writing Workshop I-IV (Thurs 6-8 pm, Thomas Burke) 3 units

An advanced writing workshop that invites students to explore their own capacity to surprise, inform, entertain, and provoke readers in one or more genres of creative writing, such as poetry, prose, drama, or screen writing. Special emphasis on using themes and/or researched material to develop well-crafted work that is both artistic and authentic. Through readings, exercises, peer workshops, and conferences with the instructor, a portfolio of revised pieces will be developed.

HUM 5002/5003 Culminating Project Workshop (select Weds, 4:30-5:45 pm, Leslie Ross)

Part I of workshop sequence is to assist students in the preparation of a proposal for the culminating project, as well as assisting with research issues associated with the culminating project. Part 2 of workshop sequence provides students the opportunity to discuss issues related to research and completion of their culminating projects. Also provides a supportive atmosphere in which students can assist each other in dealing with issues related to completion of the culminating project.

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