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Mission and Vision

The School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences educates students for a productive life in a diverse and changing world by fostering the resilience, creativity, and critical faculties essential to civic responsibility and professional success. More distinctively, the School nurtures ethical and aesthetic sensibilities, a spirit of inclusivity, and the quest for personal meaning and sound character so long associated with the fruits of a liberal education.

The School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences includes undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students for life in a changing world through emphasis on the creative and interdisciplinary nature of liberal study. The synthesis of traditional and emerging knowledge allows students to communicate ideas clearly, make moral and ethical decisions, think critically and creatively, and work professionally and effectively individually or in teams. Development of core skills for diverse careers in the arts and humanities is enhanced through service-learning, internships, and field placements.

AHSS Core Values

  • Truthfulness – which is honesty, integrity, being worthy of the trust of others, promise-keeping, open communication and transparency.  Veritas fax ardens. 
  • Compassion – which is the recognition of our mutual dependence on one another and which encompasses the empathy, mercy and love associated with so many human ethical traditions. 
  • Responsibility – which is a conscientious and intentional striving to promote values without which a fulfilled humanity seems impossible to imagine: care for the environment, justice, fairness, peace, and the ethical use of power.  
  • Fortitude – without which no other virtue can be sustained, includes courage but extends to conditions of affliction and trial that require patience, forbearance and endurance.

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