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Off Campus Testing

You are encouraged to take placement tests at Dominican where you can receive individualized attention from our trained staff. However, if you live out of state, or at a significant distance, and cannot travel to Dominican before the Fall semester, you may be able take placement tests in Math, English, and Chemistry, if needed, in your hometown.

Print the following two forms to find out how to proceed. The first form, Protocol for Distance Placement Testing, describes the process of finding a testing site with a qualified proctor. Once you find a proctor, he or she must fill out the second form, Proctor Security Agreement. 

Before you can test, your proctor must fax the Proctor Security Agreement form to 415-257-0177. Then the proctor will be contacted with testing instructions. You and your proctor should choose a test date that is convenient for you. You do not need to choose a date listed on the placement testing letter you received, but you should try to test by the end of the month.

If you cannot come to Dominican or find a proctored setting near your home, it is possible to wait until you arrive on campus to test. However, most classes will be full and/or wait-listed, therefore you may not get the courses or schedule you need.

Note: If you test at a distance and you are an incoming freshman, you still need to complete the Pre-Registration Form. This form is completed online, which is included in the email and letter regarding placement testing. This should be completed prior to testing. For questions please contact your Admissions Counselor or e-mail or call 415-257-0153.

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