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Summer Conference Rentals

During the summer months (June through July) groups interested in overnight summer conferences at Dominican University of California may rent venues at 25 percent of the regular cost (please note these rates are only if you stay overnight). Conference attendees not staying on campus may still purchase their meals at Caleruega Hall. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Angelico Concert Hall


Venue: Angelico Concert Hall

Capacity: 500 people

Room Size: 70 x 55 feet

Rental Fee: $475/day

Guzman Lecture Hall

  Venue: Guzman Lecture Hall

Capacity: 200 people

Room Size: 75 x 58 feet

Rental Fee: $237.50/day
Creekside Room


Venue: Creekside Room

Capacity: 45–80 people

Room Size: 40 x 30 feet

Rental Fee: $175/day

Alemany Library

  Venue: Archbishop Alemany Library                 Room 207/208

Capacity: 40–70 people

Room Size: 47 x 22 feet

Rental Fee: $125/day


Venue: Edgehill Mansion Garden Room

Capacity: 80 people

Room Size: 38 x 25 feet

Rental Fee: $225/day



Venue: Edgehill Mansion Legacy Hall

Capacity: 40 people

Room Size: 38 x 17 feet

Rental Fee: $175/day



Venue: Classrooms

Capacity: 15 - 30 people

Room Size: Various

Rental Fee: $100/day

Caleruega Dining Hall

Venue: Caleruega Dining Hall

Capacity: 225 - 300 people

Room Size: 135 x 52 feet

Rental Fee: $750/day


Audio/Visual Needs

Special equipment needs beyond those available through Dominican University of California may be rented through a contracted audio visual company. This company is familiar with all Dominican facilities, please contact the Events Management office for further details.

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