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More commonly referred to as the Nursing Skills Lab, Martin de Porres Hall (Weigand Nursing Lab) was built in the late 1800’s but renovated in the summer of 2000 and converted into today’s Nursing Skills Lab.


Martin de Porres was a Peruvian Dominican saint who healed the sick. This long-cabin style structure was originally a carriage house for the de Young family. When the University purchased the property in 1918, the carriage house was converted to a classroom. During the University’s history, the space has been very valuable for the education of students; first as a chemistry lab, then as a photography lab, now as the current nursing lab.

Nursing Skills Lab

nursingskills.jpgSimilar to a small hospital, the Nursing Skills Lab is one of the most frequently used academic facilities on campus. At Dominican, nursing is the largest and top major. Internally, the Nursing Skills Lab contains six hospital beds with fully supplied medical equipment and life-size mannequins so that nursing students may begin clinicals sophomore year for maximal hands-on experience.

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