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Guzman Hall

Built in 1930, Guzman Hall was named after Saint Dominic Guzman, founder of the Dominican Order. Each face of the building features a hand-carved relief of a shield or angel. Inside, at each corner of the ceiling on the first floor, there are sculpted angels bearing shields. The doorknobs were fashioned especially for this building and are embossed with the Dominican shield.

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Located on the second floor, is Guzman Lecture Hall, a massive wood-paneled room adorned with the most recent class shields. Although it formerly served as a dance studio and Dominican’s library, the lecture hall is now used primarily for classes, lectures, and special student or campus presentations. A state-of-the-art projection and sound system augment the facility's versatility.

Guzman Hall currently houses several classrooms, the President’s and Provost’s offices as well as offices of other administration and staff.

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